Is the Open-Plan Office Really Right for You?


Have you ever thought about working on a open-plan office? do you think that Is the office of the future?
Inc. helps you to think about if this structure is the right option, giving the pros and cons of such space.

  • Less Expensive but More Distractions

If workers are wasting precious minutes each day trying to concentrate, they’ll merely be occupying a desk, which won’t benefit your company’s bottom line at all. There’s also the issue of client phone calls, which can be difficult to conduct in a noisy office full of employees.

  • Improved Culture but Lower Morale

As attractive as these offices can be, though, employees tend to surround themselves with invisible walls. They use noise-canceling headphones and focus on their computer screens to the exclusion of all else. If those around the employee can’t communicate, the absence of walls has no benefit whatsoever.

  • Increased Visibility but Security Concerns

In an open-plan environment, supervisors can keep an eye on their workers, easily determining which employees are at their desks and which aren’t. However, this same environment can lead to understandable security concerns,especially from an IT standpoint. Every screen is easily visible, making it difficult for employees to hide customer social security and credit card numbers, along with other information. 

  • Increased Flexibility but Risk of Illnesses

Many successful workspaces incorporate a combination of standing desks, lounge areas with sofas, and tables where employees can gather.
Unfortunately, with multiple people working in close quarters, businesses stand a higher risk of absenteeism and health claims due to illness. If one employee comes into work sick, those who work nearby could catch that virus and be sick, as well.

After all, what’s your opinion on the subject, what kind of workplace do you prefer? Is it a good ideia to create an open-plan office? Do you block the outside world with headphones to concentrate? What are your concerns if the future point to open spaces? We would like to hear your opinion in the comment box.

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