Nuheara IQbuds: Super Intelligent Wireless Earbuds


How hard is it in an ever more noisy culture to focus on what you want to hear and fade out the background din? This product on a crowdfunding site caught our eye and ear. We recently wrote about filters for sound and this device (Via indigogo) wants to be a hearing aid (or smart hearing tool) that allows you to choose what you want to hear. 

The product description invites you to: 

Experience a new world of intelligent hearing that allows you to control what you want to hear in the world around you.  Imagine a world where you can focus on conversations in challenging social environments, or where you can control how you hear what’s around you based on your hearing preference and location. 

How are your listening skills and culturally do you think  such devices create better listeners or do we risk creating audio filter bubbles in which we are deaf to audio serendipity?

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