The Lost Art of Conversation


Do you recognise yourself in the picture?  Is this part of your everyday reality on public transport?

Tim Lucas, one of our team, recently published a reflection about the relationship between Brazilians, conversational culture and smartphones.

I remember being told by my Brazilian friends before i moved here ten years ago that one thing they liked about the country was how easy I would find it to start up conversations on public transport as people were less introverted than in England. Of course it was something of a cliche but in general the level of noise and interaction between people on buses and trains was much more evident and opportunities for eavesdropping on and entering into small talk were frequent. 

A few years before this photo, he tells us that companies thought that Brazilians wouldn’t use smartphones in public for fear of theft. This could be truth, but this picture show us how relationships to technology have evolved and a tipping point has perhaps been reached by which Brazilians feel a greater sense of safety in numbers. One which means there is a great unmet opportunity to better explore the pains and gains of user experiences here in the Brazilian market as it begins to mature.

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