What Role Virtual Reality Might Play In Supporting Deep Work?


Have you ever thought use virtual reality to do a deep work or deep thinking? 
Cal Newport help us imagine some situations where this technology could be helpful.

He tells us an experience that he had with  HTC Vive virtual reality system demo. 

At one point in the demo, I found myself in a small science lab. I could walk around and explore whirring gadgets on shelves. On a whim, I crouched down and peered under a sink and examined the pipes underneath. 

After this experiencie, someone questioned him: what role virtual reality might play in supporting deep work? 

He explains:

In my book, I talk a lot about the power of using special locations reserved only for deep thinking. With the help of virtual reality, this idea could be pushed to an extreme. 
Imagine, for example, that when it comes time to
……work on a math equation you can transport yourself to Kings College Hall (see above) to work on a giant whiteboard anachronistically added to the scene
.…tackle a new chapter in your science fiction novel you can place yourself in a quiet room in a space station with a rotating view of the galaxy twinkling outside your window
.…reflect on a major professional decision you can sit quietly at a Himalayan monastery and watch the breeze flutter prayer flags.

Do you think this could be useful in the future? Do you believe that companies might be interesting using this kind of technology to help people
develop their work? Is it possible use virtual reality to do a deeper work? 

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