The Convergence of Fashion With Technology Demands Empathy


We are witnessing an ever increasing rise of a merging culture between fashion with technology and the rising influence of the internet of things on our daily lives. As more wearable tech makers and fashion tech designers are working on fulfilling their dream in trying to make technology work for consumers, a stumbling block seems to arise. In creating a successful wearable tech product, two worlds, or possibly more, are colliding.

Each of these cultures have their own jargon and personal characteristics, the individuals that represent these worlds are often not aware of the fact that communicating, whilst having a completely different field of expertise, comes with incredible challenges. In February 2016, a study written by Deepika Raj & Jung E Ha-Brookshire was published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education.

In doing so, the two researchers tried to identify what successful wearable technology actually meant to each individual. Then, instead of re-inventing the wheel they applied the popular ‘Organizational Knowledge Creation’ theory to explain how firms create new knowledge and develop innovative solutions in the work environment. All the while trying to take into account the different personalities of the individuals whilst looking at the characteristics that often make it a challenge to end up with a successful wearable tech product.


To read more about their collaboration, click here.

What is your experience when it come to combining areas of expertise? Do you feel like this multidisciplinary approach help mend the gaps in our knowledge?

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