Do you monitor your mood?


We wrote a while back about an app called Track Your Happiness, we found another app that can help you keep track of your emotions. This app, created by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, is a smart way to log your mood and get statistics about it. According to the app site:

The Mood Meter app was conceived by Marc Brackett, Ph.D. and Robin Stern, Ph.D. from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The app was developed in partnership with HopeLab, Chairun Siregar (designer), andReliable Coders(developers).

According to the app description on the website it is a way to connect whit your emotions:

A gift of self awareness for yourself, and for others. Based on decades of research from Yale. Tell your Mood Meter mobile app how you feel and build emotional intelligence that lasts a lifetime.

I have been logging my humor into the app for a week now and I can say that it helps to understand how you are feeling in a straightforward user interface. It is also an app that helps you pause during the day and makes you think about how you are feeling.

Do you monitor your mood? Do you use and app for that or an old fashioned journals? Do you think this can work for you? We recommend trying it for a week.

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