Are You Able To Read A Book In 15 Minutes?


Ever read a book in 15 minutes? I just can’t. Increasingly I find I need a few weeks to finally finish a book.

For those who are interested in knowing how it is possible to make such a claim, there is an app called Joosr that helps people read a book in minutes. The idea behind it is to help people enjoy more books, especially if they are struggling to find time to fit reading into their schedules. The app has more than 100 nonfiction books in a condensed format. The site itself states that...

Finding the time to read isn’t easy, with work, play and everything in between getting in the way of enjoying the books you’ve always wanted to read.
Joosr is a brand new app helping you breeze through books in minutes, giving you 20 minute summaries of the world’s leading non-fiction books. 

Probably, a lot of people may think this is too radical, but are you satisfied with the quantity (or the most important, the quality) of your reading? 

[...] according to Joosr’s research, six out of 10 of us complain about not reading as much as we’d like. With libraries closing and zero-hours contracts proliferating [..]  

Is this proposal a good idea or goes too far? Do you imagine yourself using this app? Do you think there are other ways to improve your reading experience or the time which you have available to dedicate to this practice? 

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