Smalltalk or Smarttalk?


The elevator once served as a cliche for symbolizing a zone of societal smalltalk. Do you remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation at an elevator of any type? Increasingly the reality is that you get in, another person gets in and you don’t even bother talking about the weather. If you don’t zone your eyes in on the screens passing 20 second adverts and newsflashes you probably dig into your pocket and pull out your cell-phone in autopilot without even thinking about the probable lack of coverage inside the elevator.  

We found an interesting article on Medium written by Omid & Pete, two friends and fellow Googlers that like to talk about the intersection of life, tech, creativity and the future. Their article is about a new social phenomenon called a “Conversation Gala”.

‘ My friend had invited me to this event where I barely knew anyone. I was encouraged to meet new people and have meaningful conversations — all subject to one single rule: I could not talk about things I could discover through the person’s Facebook profile’ 

In writing about the experience of talking about deeply intimate subjects with complete strangers they found the event weird, “but it was awesome at the same time. And it got me thinking. What if we could redefine the way we meet each other and how we initiate conversations? How could we design this moment of two people introducing themselves to each other to be more interesting, meaningful and worthwhile? What if we moved from Smalltalk to “Smarttalk”?

Their learnings about the way we use conversations in our daily life include the following: in order to make yourself memorable, you need to work on both content and delivery. Their tips are valuable for creating more meaningful interactions in different social situations…

1) Don’t ask about things you could learn through their Facebook profile
2) Listening > Speaking.
3) Address people by their name!
4) Be intentional about making them comfortable
5) Finish strong

How are communications technologies impacting upon your conversation culture? Are you ready for some smart talk? Would you attend such an event in your own city if it existed?

(This post comes from our Designing Deeper blog)

(Este post foi retirado do nosso blog Designing Deeper)