Success In The Real World: 7 Daily Behaviors Conscientious People Avoid


Caroline Beaton wrote an interesting article for Forbes in which she states that millennials are more optimistic about their futures than any other generation. When it comes to income 89% of millennials who say they’re not earning enough think they will in the future, according to Pew Research Center

According to the author of the article it might be the time for millennials to prioritize an underrated personality trait: Conscientious.

Conscientious people live longerget better gradescommit fewer crimes,earn more (along with their spouses), have higher influence, are more likely to lead companies that succeed long-term, are happier at work and have better marriages.

Convinced by the benefits of conscientiousness, Beaton set out to master it. She found that conscientiousness is far more than fastidiousness. In fact, acting “Type A” only has a weak correlation with conscientiousness. In the broadest sense, conscientious people have a knack for avoiding behaviors that will damage their long-term happiness and success. Beaton outlines seven behaviours they do not do:

1. Buy stuff on a whim
2. Take mental notes
3. Slouch
4. Binge
5. Break promises
6. Quit
7. Ignore problems 

After all of her research on conscientious people, she sums them up in five words: they know they’re not invincible.

Do you think you are living a conscientious life? Out of the 7 dont’s which one do you feel affects you the most? What can you do to change this? Let us know in the comments.

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