Mental Health and the Advertising Industry


Writing for Contagious the Head of Copy at R/GA London talks about her experience with mental heath disorders and how the ad industry deals with it. According to the author the industry is overtaken with the promised of connectedness. Yet her argument is that even tough we plan for a connected world we are not experiencing the connections.

As she writes:

I wonder if, the more that we say the word ‘connected’, the harder it is to question. And the more that we’re literally digitally connected, telling stories designed for collective consumption (and likes), the more shadowy our quiet, vulnerable, messy, ugly internal worlds become.

She goes further and argues that:

In spite of mindfulness apps aplenty, and the ever-expanding wellness industry, actual conversations about mental health in adland remain hushed. The closest we seem to get is talking about running, spinning, yoga, kale – the need to calm the mind sanctioned under the guise of self-care, but still unnamed.

She explains that we are in need a more honest relationship with ourselves and our work colleagues but acknowledges difficulties:

It’s hard to be honest in an environment like advertising. For the most part, it thrives on competition and awards. […] If we can start by naming our failures, by being honest, then perhaps the state of our mental health has more of a chance.

To stress her point she comes to an honest conclusion,

If we aren’t able to name and talk about the pain we’re experiencing we can’t be supported to recover. Speaking openly is our best chance to address mental health, and more than this, it’s our collective responsibility.

What is your experience while at work? Do you feel there could be an open conversation about mental health? If you work at an ad agency, are people interested in the subject? What about being connected, do you feel we are working toward a more understanding workplace? Let us know in the comments.

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