The Grey Market and Tourism in Brazil

Findings of a a study undertaken in Brazil serve to challenge a number of stereotypes about the grey consumer here in South America.  Reporting of such studies typically finds the need to replay old images of such consumers and we’ll try to avoid them here, safe to say that findings appear to mirror those elsewhere in the world that increased life expectancy and better economic conditions are creating a new class of consumer with specific economic power often overlooked both by brands and by the media. Findings of the study tend to reflect a number of points raised in the recent Exame article about the New Brazilian Consumer, which selected the growing number of ageing consumers as one of the 5 driving forces of the emerging market. One of the principal areas of the economy to benefit from this group is tourism both within and outside of Brazil. According to the study 42% of men and 29% of women selected tourism as one of their preferred leisure activities.  58% of respondents stated that travel within Brazil was the most relevant of their current desires. The Brazilian Tourism Agency have responded recently with more campaigns aimed at the 3rd Age, realising the potential to stimulate a market which is less dependent on seasonality, a common problem in the Brazilian tourist industry.   The range of activities aimed at older tourists is also changing, according to the research 33% of respondents were interested in undertaking different forms of adventure sports – including parachuting!

More details on the research can be found here in Portugues

Welcome to The Love Land - the gay market in Brazil

Embratur, the official Brazilian tourist agency is focusing on the gay market on the eve of the Gay Pride parade in Sao Paulo which takes place on May 25th. The official site for the event, The Love Land highlights both the event and the city alongside broader information about the gay market and destinations across Brazil in an attempt to promote Brazil as a gay destination. The website will be promoted directly to the GLBT market via an email campaign within Brazil and abroad. Research elsewhere shows just how welcome the gay dollar is in Brazil, representing on average a spend of US$200 per day in comparison to US$74 for other tourists. Amongst the most popular destinations are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Florianópolis.