Copa 2014

World Cup 2014, protests and public support

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As might be expected the Brazilian news media is hotting up with World Cup related material... 

Last week whilst at the Maximidia event here in São Paulo the results of a survey conducted by Exame magazine about Brazilian executives expectations for 2014. Interestingly they seem to indicate that most executives are convinced that next year will bring new protests but also that the Copa 2014 will not have a major impact upon their company. Elsewhere, one of Brazil's most prominent sports journalists Juca Kfouri wrote in his column that the likely manifestations or protests will likely have a major impact upon Brazilians ability or desire to participate in public events and celebrations around the football event, something which will likely have major implications for potential brand activation here in Brazil next year. Research in the past few days which appeared on Brazil's primary news programme Jornal Nacional has however shown that 63% of Brazilians support the World Cup either partially or in full. 73% also believe that they will win the tournament.  Finally, not such good news for locals and gringoes alike is the fact that if todays newspaper reports are to be believed internal airline flights will go up 10x during the World Cup.