In a Lonely City, This Group Is Here to Listen


I guess we have all seen the Free Hugs movement by now but what about this? It’s a project called “Free Listening” by Urban Confessional which we found  (Via Citylab)

According to its creators, it’s “a social project designed to engage with strangers by lending an ear. Every week, members of the group take to the streets carrying signs that read, “Free Listening.” As they invite people to approach them, their main goal is simple: to listen to anyone who wants to talk without passing judgment or offering advice.

”According to Benjamin Mathes, the program’s founder “The pulse of cities is begging for genuine connection.” He adds: “Anything that we can do to disrupt the noise and pace of the city, and be a reminder that people matter, that we should slow down and listen to them … I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.” 

Where do you currently go for an urban confessional? Is it in a digital space? how would you feel about opening up to a stranger in public space? Is it an opportunity to generate real empathy? Let us know what you think of the project?

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