How Millennials Relate to Their Workplace


When it comes to workplace environment what are the perks you can’t live without? What would you perfer, granola bars, tree houses, slides or a quite place to focus in your work?  

To that effect, we found a great article (Via CITYLAB) about the kind of perks that are offered in modern workplaces.

The article questions how companies are investing their money with freebies and quirky spaces inside their offices.

[…] a new survey asks whether those accommodations are really what workers are after. What if the key to workplace contentment and productivity isn’t more stuff—sleeker desks, a cornucopia of food to fight over—but more quiet? 

A study by the Oxford University’s business college shows very interesting facts about how millennials relate to the workplace: 

More than half of the employees complained about noise. The researchers found that Millennials were especially likely to voice concern about rising decibels, and to wear headphones to drown out the sound or leave their desks in search of quieter corners. 

How do you feel about your workplace? Do you identified with the claims millennials are making on this study? Is the noise bothering you? Would you trade free food for a quieter place? And do you use your headfones to signal your availability to talk?

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