So You Want To Be A Great Street Photographer?


James Maher is a professional photographer based in New York, whose primary passion is documenting the unique personalities and stories of the city. He lists in this post some tips for you that want to improve your photos, not only in technical terms, but in terms of observation and posture of a true photographer. The following is a list that sums up his teachings. To better understand, it describes the best in the post.

  • You need to know your camera and its settings extremely well in different lighting situations and be able to switch between them constantly and quickly.
  • You need to have catlike reflexes to frame and catch that split second moment.
  • You need to be able to see that split second moment happening before it does.
  • You often need to have the patience to park yourself in the right place, knowing that a special moment will eventually come.
  • You need to be able to visualize yet still react.
  • You need to tell stories and capture emotions.
  • You need to be simultaneously creative and technical.

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