Let’s go on a "Smartphone Diet"?


We found this article written by Claire Lower that shares with us her experience with smartphones and how she enjoys her time with her friends.

Do you think you could enjoy the moments with the people that you care in a deeper way? How is that possible in a world where your friend/family are focused on their smartphone screens, for example?  

Here’s and excerpt that we likes of her story and the solutions she found for these situations.

“Continuously checking your phone while hanging out with people is not only rude, but keeps you from being present with your awesome friends. To break the bad habit, consider enlisting your friends’ help by telling them you’re on a ‘smartphone diet’. 

Though my friends are terrible at helping me stick to an actual diet, they are more than enthusiastic about the idea of holding me accountable for excessive iPhone usage, particularly in their presence. This tactic, coupled with scheduling phone-prohibitive activities such as manicures, a night at the movies, or dinner at a fancy restaurant, can help keep one present and engaged with the people in front of you, which is way more rewarding than checking your Instagram likes.”

Do you think you could use this strategy to enjoy the company of your friends and family? What else could be done to help people to focused more in face-to-face interactions?

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