Mental Health And Children


All of us have heard it at least a thousand times: Social Media is responsible for teens poor mental health. We found an article on The Guardian that argues that this kind of thinking is simplistic in it’s approach. According to Eva Wiseman:

Being offline doesn’t keep you safe, or protect you from anxiety, or make you a better person. If you have a mind that tends to spiral, and the internet enables that unrest, then while long walks without a phone will help, the phone itself is not to blame.

It’s an interesting point. As we argued before here on the blog it is important to think about technology in a deeper way, trying to understand how we can have a healthier relationship with it. Yet it is important to notice that:

Blaming social media for this “epidemic” is a way to conveniently ignore the more difficult solutions.

Eva also argues that the idea of a digital detox is not the way to go. According to her what we need to do is find ways to live in peace with tech. To that the author says:

There are ways to navigate and change the businesses that provide platforms on which many of us live, without condemning them forever.

Is blaming technology an easy way out? Let us know in the comments.

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