e-book: Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond

Many people would like to “do street photography”, but simply don’t know where to start. Valérie Jardin’s new ebook “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” is a great place for those people to start. It’s also a great read for anyone that already practices street photography. There’s so much information in the book there truly is something for everyone. 

A lot of people profess to be street photographers, but the number of people who excel at it are few and far between. Valérie is one of the modern day masters of the genre. She’s driven by a passion to capture life on the streets; to find the extraordinary in the ordinary; and to help others do the same.

Reading this ebook lets you take a peek into Valérie’s mind. You get to see her thought processes as she describes what makes a strong street photograph. So many people today snap a photograph on the street, but it doesn’t say anything. There’s no story. Just because an image is captured “on the street” doesn’t make it a good street photograph. There are lots of weak images posted online in this genre, which is fine, because everyone has to start somewhere. The challenge is to grow and learn; to improve your images and become more discerning when you make street photographs. This ebook gives you the knowledge you’ll need to take those steps towards making stronger images and telling stories with your photographs.

There’s a whole raft of subjects covered in the book…

  • Is it legal and do you need permission?
  • Is it ethical?
  • The fear of photographing strangers

These are just a few of the sections in this ebook. The subject matter is wide ranging and delves into how to get started and how to improve your street photography. The title “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” is exactly what the ebook covers. It’s everything you need to know if you haven’t done any street photography before and would like to get started, as well as how to ‘up your game’ if you’re already a street photographer.

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