Artist Creates Masks For Traffic lights in Brazil


Narcelio Grud, an urban artist from the Brazilian state of Ceará, decided to take action regarding the high death rate related to traffic on his home state. According to oficial numbers in 2015 2.620 deaths occurred due to traffic accidents. With this on mind the artist decided to give traffic lights a new ‘face’ in an attempt to get drivers attention.

The artists transformed traffic lights with masks made out of fabric resembling pop culture characters like David Bowie, Bart Simpson, Batman, Banksy, amongst others.

The state government released an official statement calling the action an act of vandalism. It’s rally interesting to see the point of friction of the artist disruption. He planned behavioural nudges to interrupt default daily behaviours. He modified the urban landscape to cause reflection.


Do you think this kind of action can make a difference? What are your experiences in you home city? Would you like to see something like this on the traffic lights around your neighborhood? Do behaviourla nudges like this one help make a city safer? Let us know in the comments.

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