Meditation Keeps Your Brain Young


An article from Pacific Standard Magazine shows that recent research has found that regular meditation is associated with a slower rate of age-related brain degeneration. But even with such potentially exciting findings, terms like “limiting reductions in gray-matter volume” don’t really hit home. If we’re talking aging, we need a number. 

A research team led by neurologist Eileen Luders of the University of California-Los Angeles reports that, in a study of 100 people, the brains of 50-year-old meditators were estimated to be 7.5 years younger than those of non-meditators of the same age. 

Meditation, it increasingly appears, is to your brain what aerobic exercise is to your body: Do it regularly, and you’ll significantly slow down the aging process. “Young brain” could serve as a highly motivational mantra. 

Do you know anyone who has had an experience of meditating for a significant number of years? Does their meditation help them stay young at heart?

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