Can a T-Shirt Help Express Your Current State Of Mental Health?


In his influential book Enchanted Objects David Rose of MIT asks the question as to whether knowing more about what’s going on with those we love we could alter our behavior in response? The workplace can be a very tricky place for people with mental health conditions. Psychophobia - discrimination against people based on intelligence, mental health or mental disorder - is often disregarded as an issue by employers. Often people feel they need to hide their mental illness and some go as far as to say they felt they had to come out of the Bipolar/Depression/OCD closet at work.

We found a great project (via psfk) by Dani Balenson that incorporates mental illness into different t-shirt designs as a way to start a conversation on the subject.

According to the website:

The mission of this collection is to “encourage self-acceptance, change perceptions, and support new conversations about mental health.” Since wearing t-shirts are often reflections of people’s identities, beliefs and interests– these designs are meant to empower people and build community.
There are four t-shirt designs available at the moment: Bipolar Disorder; OCD; Depression and ADHD.

As David Rose reminds us, in Little Women, Jo, the character most closely associated with herself, Louisa May Alcott, has a pillow that she positions on a parlor couch to indicate her current mood… Leave me alone, I want to think. Low-tech, but effective.

“Enchanted technologies are just beginning to help with this kind of understanding. Today’s objects aren’t distracting and don’t attempt to probe into deep emotions, but they do encourage connections and enable the surfacing of emotional content with people you care about”

What are you doing to fight against Psychophobia in your workplace? How would you deal with a co-worker wearing one of this t-shirts? Let’s start a conversation.

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