Would You Switch Off Your Phone & Join Us On a Journey to Boredom?


We are very slowly and with the minimum effort required getting back into the subject of boredom - which from what we have seen from some recent online articles would appear to be back in fashion. We noticed a project that emphasizes the value of designing for boredom! We decided to make this post to recommend a series of podcasts (via WNYC) that focus on boredom and leaving your mobile addiction aside for a while in the hopes of sparking creativity.

According to the podcast description, joining such a project to help you detach from your phone and spend more time thinking creatively can be hugely beneficial.  With the series of podcasts there comes a series of challenges and goals:

The project is a week of challenges that will guide you to less phone time and more creativity. You can start at any time.

And they encourage you to measure your mobile phone usage trough mobile apps. Knowledge of your behaviour is key.

One of the challenges, for example, asks you to:

Keep your phone in your pocket, out of your direct line of sight. Better yet, keep it in your bag. While you're boarding the train, walking down the sidewalk, or sitting in the passenger seat of a car, we're asking you to look at your phone only when you have reached your destination.

During bouts of boredom our brains can't help but jump around in time, analyzing and re-analyzing the pieces of our lives, says Jonny Smallwood, professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of York in the UK. He says inspiration strikes in the shower because it's a moment when we're not really looking at or focusing on anything else. Researchers have only really started to understand the phenomena of "mind-wandering" — the activity our brains engage in when we're doing nothing at all — over the past decade or so.

"There’s a close link between originality, novelty, and creativity... and these sort of spontaneous thoughts that we generate when our minds are idle," Smallwood said.

Would you take a challenge like this one? I have to admit that I have second thoughts about it, but I love a challenge. 

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