What Can I Do To De-stress During The Day?

Every person has their own unique ways to relax. In my case, to tends to revolve around good music. If that’s not enough then maybe I’ll try to watch a movie.  What do you do to control stress?

We in a cultural moment in which there are an ever increasing number of apps for mobile devices that promise to help us de-stress or focus ourselves. Some of them help you to meditate, create deep-breathing exercises, give you calming sleep related sounds and everything that you need to be more relaxed and focus at any time of the day. 

Some of the newest and most popular apps on the market right now include:

1. Omvana
2. Headspace  
3. Hear And Now
4. Pacifica
5. Buddhify 2
6. Pause
7. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds
8. Stop, Breathe & Think
9. Prune
10. Wa Kingyo
11. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

If you wanna to know more about the apps above, click here.

If you have tried any of the apps above or any others for such purposes we would love to know your experiences and how you found them? Also if you prefer to meditate without technology what is your opinion of these social apps? 

(This post comes from our Designing Deeper blog)

(Este post foi retirado do nosso blog Designing Deeper)