What Steps Should I Make If I Want To Develop My Brain To The Maximum?


An interesting article from Quora teaches us to develop our mind. Is that a thing that is easy for you? This could really be helpful for us?  

In every aspect, like learning languages, history, arts, social skills, pratical skills, fast thinking, problem solving and etc. How can I become the best version of myself mentally speaking? Travelling? Reading? Writing? Thinking? How could I develop an overall higher level of knowledge? 

The best thing about this article is that it doesn’t gives us the right recipe, but makes us exercise our brain to find our own answer. 

So, take a look at the steps.

1.What is your goal? 
2. Have a set intention
3. Start thinking outside the Box
4. Learn about all types of intelligence
5. Challenge yourself
6. Eat healthy
7. Daily practice

Do you think those steps are really helpful to develop your mind? What other things can help to improve our brain? Who can help you with this (is it only with yourself)? 

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