In her TED talk, Jacquelyn Quinones - described as a visionary in technological communication makes a series of reflections about empathy and technology. Quinones began an inquiry into the significance of honesty and empathy in the world of easy online communication. The accelerated innovation of new technologies, proliferation of social media, and ease and convenience of superficial communication led her to question, “Is technology killing our empathy?”. In discussing the mechanism of empathy she discussed “experiential story telling, the ability to imagine yourself as someone else, to think the way that they think” She argues “Technology has some limitations: it can’t create human emotion, empathy. At least not yet” In part as a response to this, in 2015 she founded BANDYD LLC, a revolutionary social media platform born out of her desire to reinvent technological communication and promote interconnectedness. Do you agree with her? Empathy has become something so distant to our human behavior? 

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