Are We Boring You?


Have we lost the ability to be bored? When was the last time you where on your couch with nothing to do... and didn't reach for a device, gadget or remote control? A time where you did not have access to a screen with instant entertainment? In a world of push notifications and ready to consume media, it seems like we have lost the knowledge of what boredom and low stimulation might actually be. And perhaps that explains why we might have forgotten how beneficial it can be. 

Boredom is an integral part of the human condition and if you don;t believe us there is a new book that argues that lying around staring at the ceiling can be a vital spur to creativity: Boredom: A Lively History is written by Peter Toohey. A recent review of the book in the Guardian argues that boredom is much more complex than what we think.:

What is boredom? Is it a mood, an emotion, an affliction, a form of social protection, a gateway to the essence of the self, the human condition, or a modern affectation? These are questions that have concerned philosophers and thinkers dating back to the Enlightenment, not least because boredom occupies territory that overlaps with capital letter concepts like Being and Time.

What do you associate with boredom? Is it a luxury or something to be avoided at all costs? Do you run from it or embrace it? We’d love to know your thoughts.

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