Copa 140: Brasileiros, Tweets e a Copa do Mundo 2010

I dont know about you but it seems like a long long time ago that the World Cup finished. Just about enough time for us to start to feel nostalgic and forgive Dunga, Rooney and Ronaldo for ruining the months of June and July... OK maybe not. It is however an apt time to announce the launch of the Copa 140 book. Well not quite yet but sometime very soon. During the tournament we were tracking, interacting and laughing at we believe over 500,000 - yes half a million Tweets from Brasileiros during the tournament. It gave us a rare glimpse at the life of Brasilians during this special month. If you go here and check out the favourites, by scrolling down you can see all of the Tweets which we favourited over the course of the month - this is of the course the best 2,000 for the original thousand and thousands which we were following. It reads like something of a reverse digital documentary of the nation and its experiences during the World Cup. The book has allowed us to categorise and add some thoughts on how Brasil was Tweeting its Copa...Unique??? We think so.. if you know of any other similar examples we'd love to hear about them. if you are interested in knowing more please get in touch.