Anti-Social Influencer Media & Uninfluencer Culture

What are those products and shopping moments that you just don't want to share with anyone else - inside or outside of social media????

I keep reading so many articles about Recommender Culture and the role Social Influencer Media is having on consumer behaviour I had to retaliate - lest ye forget - dead fish can only swim with the tide. It is one of those beautiful sunny Friday mornings in Sao Paulo and i have 2 documents to complete by the end of the day. However if i finish them today the client will have to read them over the weekend. My conscience will not allow me to rob a client of their weekend so i would prefer to sacrifice my own and chose to head off for a Friday morning ZANZAR around the centre of Sao Paulo. The part where there are 24 hour cinemas and real people - not Itaim or Brooklyn, you get the picture. (Just as an aside, and i know i shouldn't think this - but isnt it refreshing to go past a cinema which isnt showing Pixar kids cartoons or some god awful Hollywood film by McG). Anyway i will not reveal the exact location of where i ended up doing my shopping - and that is the whole point of the post. We have become so accustomed to thinking and reading about how social media means we can and must share our shopping experiences that we forget that some times we just dont want to share with people exactly what it is that we have been purchasing. Now in my case this morning - no i didn't go into one of the sex shops and no i didnt buy drugs - though i was close to Cracolandia (by the way does anyone else have a vision of the Prefeitura building a Cracoloandia theme park in 10 years once Santa Cecilia is totally gentrified?). No i was indulging my number one vice - buying vinyl. I found the most amazing SEBO with many records for less than R$10 and all in good condition. I was shocked to pick up a copy of The Fall - Bend Sinister and Coldcut, Laurie Andersen and Steve Harley's Cockney Rebel, David Byrne's Uh-Oh and The Colourfield (Terry Hall ex-Specials) amongst others. You have no idea of the joy but also of the complete lack of desire to share with anybody the precise location of the Sebo. No F*in Way. All of which got me thinking about the anti-social influencer consumer model - and i was wondering what other examples we might be able to share??? In all honesty this practice of cratediggers not wishing to share their treasures has a long history. I think that even pre late 1970s Hip-Hop DJs were sticking white labels over their records so that other DJs could not find out the names of the records and go out and buy them. I know that as a man the thrill of discovery and the desire of sharing our wisdom has strong power over our consumer behaviour - but not always. So please ... feel free to share - what are those guilty pleasures, competitive shopping dynamics that turn you into an unrecommender?????????