War in Rio on table tops everywhere...soon


Leaving aside the moral connotations of the product, hats off to Carioca designer Fabio Lopez for creating what may well become the must have gift for any budding Brazilan drug baron for Christmas 2008. This update on the classic board game ‘Risk’. ‘War in Rio’, allows players to select their street gang, prison gang and military police factions in a bid to control drug distribution in various city regions. The board alone makes the game a must-have, a map of the city designed by Lopez with the aid of Google Maps. Lopez states in today’s FolhaTeen that the game is no joke and it marks a protest against the war like state that has taken over his city. However, the choice of Anglophile name says much about the intended audience. Like the drug consumption that fuels the war and its cultural off-shoots (Tropa da Elite, City of God) the market will most likely be Brazil’s privileged minority and an increasingly fascinated international market. At present the game is a one off, being launched on Lopez’s site last week. Should it hit the stores we’ll keep you posted!