Clean City Law fails to stop Sao Paulo masseuse


Lorrane, 29 yrs old, 1,75m, 67kg, tanned, size 39 shoes boldly goes where most major brands no longer dare. Much has been written about the Clean City Law introduced to remove outdoor advertising from the streets of Sao Paulo, and whilst largely successful the law has failed to deter an erotic masseuse. Initially the city government pondered over how best to issue the R$120,000 fine. The story in today’s Folha de Sao Paulo doesn’t report whether there was a lack of takers for the job of issuing the paperwork. When the government then set out, with a converted dog-catchers van to remove the signs they were literally stunned by the number of signs Lorrane was responsible for or the persistency of the ‘garota de programa’ to return and put more signs up in their place. Apparently in the next few days the city government plan to return to Lorrane’s home and cement over the entrance to her rented home with concrete blocks.