Chatting On The Tube?


How do you commute? We don’t mean what means of transportation do you use, we want to know if you like to chat with strangers while commuting. Are you a headphone user? Do you shield yourself from conversations while at the metro? We found a really interesting campaign done for the London subwaythat might make you think a bit more about this.

According to The Guardian:

Badges emblazoned with the question “Tube chat?” have been distributed on the London Underground network.

The badges come with a flayer that provokes commuters to signal they want to talk with others while on the metro. What is even more interesting is the reaction some people had to the campaign:

Commuters were quick to express their disdain for the idea, for which no individual or group has claimed responsibility.

An example came from Twitter:


The London Metro explained they had nothing to do with the campaign. In the past they had similar initiatives for pregnant women and people with disabilities. On those two cases badges encourage people to give up their seats to a person who needs it most.

What do you think of this campaign, would you be open to meet new people while going to work? What other situation could a badge like this be useful for?Let us know in the comments…

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