Brazilians struggle to name ‘green’ brands

The annual Top of Mind research conducted by DataFolha annually since 1991 seems to retain a significant level of importance here in Brazil.  The value of a quantitative study which purely tracks brand recall is questionable, especially in age of ever more complex consumer relationships with brands. However the survey of 5,500 Brazilians across some 40 categories does offer a glimpse into the most recognised brand names in the Brazilian market and the ability to track changes over time. The 2007 study, whose results were recently announced,  included for the first time a question related to brands associated with environmental protection. Leaders in this field were Ype (cleaning products), Ibama (government agency), Natura (cosmetics) and Greenpeace. Though most significant perhaps was the fact that 63% of those questioned could not provide the name of a brand that they associate with environmental protection. Respondents are initially asked to name their Top of the Top…the first brand that comes to mind…this years winner being Omo (soap powder), followed by Coca-Cola, Nestle, Nike, Natura (cosmetics) and Seda (shampoos).

Results by category for 2007, also show the following: For the 8th year Nokia head the list of mobile phone makers, though Motorola showed a significant rise in awareness in the past year. Tim and Vivo share top slot for cell phone operators, both receiving 25% recall. In the computer and computing accessories category there is a low response rate that mirrors that of environmental proection. LG win out but with just 8%, followed by Samsung In the sports brand sector Nike showed a decline from 18% to 14% allowing Adidas to make up ground (13%), followed by a range of national brands: Penalty (10%), Olimpikus (5%), Topper (4%) and Rainha (1%) Philips remain atop the the league of TV manufacturers for the 17th year, though at 21% its role is increasingly under threat by Semp/Toshiba (16%), CCE (11%) LG (11%) and Philco/Hitachi (8%) Another consistent winner, this time in the car market, Volkswagen also showed a small decline to 31%, followed by Fiat (23%), GM/Chevrolet (20%) and Ford (11%) Skol’s rise in prominence in the beer market continues to rise to 39%, followed by Brahma (21%) and Antartica (13%)