Mosaic Brasil

I have spent some time looking through the Mosaic material from Serasa Experian, which is an attempt to create a segmentation study of the Brasilian consumer.  Mosaic crosses IBGE census data with material generated in the annual research into the Brazilian Household. the final study comes up with 10 different groups in 39 different consumer segments. In order to make the material a little easier to consume i have created a PDF with the different segments as taken from the Experian website - can be downloaded here i hope.

My thoughts for what they are worth. First and foremost the problem with market research has been that it has been putting into boxes for too long. If you look through the Mosaic study and think of people that you know here in Brazil you will probably find elements of different segments that individuals could easily represent. But this is true of all segmentation work. That said, i really like the study and think its well presented and a valuable piece of work for anyone interested in understanding behaviours and consumers here in Brasil. It moves the debate beyond the problems of the frankly ridiculous ABCDE classifications. It's geographical focus is innovative here in Brasil and adds much to the study. Im loking forward to applying it to future projects. What do you think???? Id be really interested to know.