People Centric Analysis


Analytics has always been related to numbers, traffic sources, referrals and goals. These, of course, are still very interesting but for some time there is a growing interest in analytics that put people needs as its main goals and metrics.

Ben Waber works on Humanyze and the MIT Lab and published a very interesting book on the subject and that we would like to recommend to you.

The author shows that face to face conversation leads to higher productivity and is also associated with reduced stress - he argues the future of office spaces will we constructed to allow this to happen.

According to the book amazon page:

In People Analytics, MIT Media Lab innovator Ben Waber shows how sensors and analytics can give you an unprecedented understanding of how your people work and collaborate, and actionable insights for building a more effective, productive, and positive organisation.

How do you process data? Is data taking over the the human side of your business? Do you put human needs first? Does your Big data reflect the actual behaviour and intentions of your customers?

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