Sports Participation in Brazil

The Atlas do Esporte no Brasil (Brazilian Sporting Atlas), is available both online and in a weighty 900 page book. First published in 2005 the book offers a wealth of data about all elements of sport, physical education, leisure and their related industries in Brasil. From the history of early sporting activities and traditional sports such as capoeira and jiu jitsu to the founding of sports clubs by British, German and Italian immigrant communities and the multimillion dollar industry of today and potential future Olympic bids. En route one can find out more about the presence and history of sports as diverse as kibbadi, frisbee and tamboréu along with the more conventional fare of football. tennis, basketball and swimming. The statistical data for participation comes from a variety of sources and as such is difficult to compare. Many of the figures come from official sources and sporting bodies and the incorporation and understanding of more informal participation is less easy to predict. That said, we have pulled out some of the headline figures below: 74 million occasional sports participants 10.8 million regular sports participants 750,000 extremely active sports participants 870,000 people working in sports related jobs

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