What Are The Trends Of The Workspace?


An article at Linkedin createted by Connie Chan shows 7 trends influencing workplace design and improtance of them.

Workplace design has a major impact on the productivity and happiness of employees. In fact, research from Gensler, a worldwide design firm and aFOW Community speaker at the Future of Work Forum Boston, shows that poor workplace design costs U.S. companies about $330 billion per year in lost productivity. 

Nowadays it’s commom  see workplaces with differents designs, instead of that “office” thing like white wall, office chairs, each employee with specific place to work, unable to change place with others, etc.

He are the 7 trends:

1.  Flexible Workspaces
2.  Outdoor spaces
3.  Coworking Spaces
4.  Creating Lounge Areas
5.  Spaces That Promote Wellness
6.  Concealing Wires
7.  Task-Based Design


To see each topic with details, click here 

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