Wristband that can tell if you've been drinking wins US award


The digital health space is something which we imagine will only continue to grow in years to come and a significant element of this may be seen through wearables which increasingly allow us to monitor our own behavior via data tracking. 

The benefits of this are potentially huge especially when once considers the Sentinel Effect by which most people tend to care for their health if they know that they are being watched. However, the privacy implications of such developments will continue to need greater public discussion. This is perhaps highlighted in this article (Via The Guardian) about BACtrack, a privately held medical device maker, which took the $200,000 top prize in the National Institutes of Health Wearable Biosensor Challenge with its wristband monitor – dubbed BACtrack Skyn – which measures blood alcohol levels via sweat on the skin. 

As such doctors and patients (amongst others!) will be able to track an individuals drinking history. 

“The device in its current form will not, however, be a substitute for breathalyzers or blood tests used by law enforcement, because the device does not provide real-time blood-alcohol levels”. 

What might be most interesting about such developments is whether they encourage those who seek to change their drinking behaviors to reflect better on their past histories or whether they will be used as a stick to punish those with drinking problems for their past behaviors. 
What do you think such a wristband would reveal about your own drinking behaviors?

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