H _ _ r App


Filters are here to stay. Anyone who posted a photo to Instagram can attest that choosing what filters to use can be a lot of fun. H_ _ r is just like that, but for audio. You can check it out here: (Via H _ _ r)

According to the app’s description:

This app gives you unlimited control over real-world sound. Simply plug in your existing headphones and listen through one of the 7 free filters!

It harmonizes your hearing to help you be less distracted and reduce stress. It filters your acoustic environment, takes out harsh sounds and turns noise into tranquil harmonies. If you use this app you will become more focused and relaxed.

Whilst the number of apps targeting mindful practices seems to be growing exponentially this one is a little different and may be emblematic of a rise in apps that offer audio experiences. Having tested the app here at the office H__r is a lot of fun to play with and we hope to discover its applicability for those seeking focus or relaxation.

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