Put It Away! Alicia Keys And Other Artists Try Device That Locks Up Fans Phones


If you’ve been in a concert in the last decade you know what a big role cellphones have in the way we experience music. On one hand the light on mobile screens can became a substitute for lighters as a way to light up an audience and allows an interesting new audience engagement and interaction. However for some musicians screens are taking a bigger role that is not always appreciated.

According to an article from The Guardian:

Last month singer Adele singled out a concertgoer for using a video camera instead of living in the moment and experiencing the gig.

When The Rolling Stones played here in São Paulo in the beginning of the year Mick Jagger said:

“It’s the city of the cellphone. It looks like a sea of cellphones. They watch the show trough their screens.”

Some artist are looking for possible solutions. Alicia Keys, for example used:

[…] a lockable pouch into which guests are required to place their mobile devices. The pouches are made by San Francisco startup Yondr.

According to Yondr website there is a really interesting explanation of what they do:

Yondr gives venues and artists the tools to create phone-free events and spaces. In a technology-filled world, Yondr is the easiest way to maintain authenticity, privacy, and exclusivity.

Would you put your cellphone inside one of this pouches? Would you consider this a radical approach? Do you feel is it your right to carry and use your cellphone? What other situations could this be used for?

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