Class War, Noise and Carnival in Sao Paulo

carnival-graveyard-05 This weekend i was fascinated to read reports in the Folha about an apparent manifestation of class war in Sao Paulo. The site for this contest is the noise made by samba schools. Carlos Costa, one of the original founders of a centrally located school argued that "these people from higher social classes don't like noise". In some parts of the city there are reports that neighborhood groups have complained about noise amongst other factors (trash and drunkenness) and have tried to get the carnaval practice sessions banned. To a certain extent there seems to be something of a classic moral panic going on with the references to noise and dirt and a middle class up in arms about the behaviour of their lower class neighbours. However, being that i am rather obsessed with LISTENING at the moment it kind of made me wonder whether there have been any studies made about NOISE and different attitudes to noise? - kind of noise / volume / who is making the noise etc amongst different social groups - whether that be based on social class, gender, location, culture etc. Either in Brasil or other countries - Ill have a look around - but if you find anything please let me know!