Corinthians join the Cruisers

Picture 5Having been to the local derby between Sao Paulo and Corinthians on Sunday I was interested to see that the Timão as they are known (Corinthians for the uninitiated) are just one of a number of Brazilian brands and organisations that are joining the specialist cruise holiday market. Specialist cruises may not be especially new but in the past have been more associated with specialist consumer groups such as the gay market. However in recent years the phenomenon has grown into a number of new areas. One of the most popular and established is the cruise established by singer (and increasingly entrepreneur) Roberto Carlos. Now in its 6th season the cruise will set sail twice this year with the crooner joining his most avid fans (and a host of sponsos - including Nestle) afloat for a few days of hero worship to celebrate the clubs centenary. and just to show that the faithful worship in many forms of church these days, the first Catholic cruise will also depart this year. We just hope no-one gets on board the wrong ship by mistake.