The New Digital Morality: Consumers, Brands and Social Networks

Here's the theme for our presentation at the NBC event in September 2009... please feel free to offer up some thoughts "With the ever increasing presence of technologies (increasingly mobile) and the popularity of web2.0 app’s & social networks (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube, Orkut etc), individuals are increasingly able and willing to observe and expose elements of their ‘private’ lives to those around them. This creates a range of practical and ethical issues about our identities and behaviours with implications to our virtual and real-world experiences. As they mature as digital citizens and with the migration between social networks, consumers are beginning to question and change their behaviours along with what they are willing to show, share and consume in the digital world. These processes have important implications for employers, brands and organizations that are increasingly seeking seek to understand and enter into a digital dialogue with consumers, of all ages and social classes. Drawing on rich qualitative research with different consumer groups in both Brazil and the UK, TWRAmericas seek to open a debate drawn from a variety of insights into the emerging landscape of a ‘New Digital Morality’. As social networks continue to evolve within their own competitive marketplace we also seek to explore the differences in experience between the use of different web2.0 tools in different countries (primarily Facebook – UK & Orkut – Brazil)"