How To Cheat Your Creative Distractions And Get More Done


Anyone with a creative pursuit such as writing must know the challenges of creating a distraction free environment in which to achieve the required ‘flow’ of the creative juices. There is already numerous internet-blocking software available offering ‘distraction free writing’. In this article (Via on the write track)Chris Smith offers some advice based on the theory of flow developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  – a sense of feeling lost and completely absorbed in a task.  Something we gain great happiness from in the long term. Here are the recommended practices 

1. Go with the flow: Creative activities are more purposeful than pleasurable because we achieve a sense of flow through engaging in them.

2. Multitasking is for losers: Doing lots of tasks at the same time will ultimately make you less productive and less happy. The best way to be productive is to complete tasks one after the other.\

3. Breaking’s not bad: Mixing up pleasurable and purposeful activities can be beneficial to long term productivity – but make sure you take breaks on your own terms. Don’t get pulled away.

4. Don’t wait to get distracted: Know your own attention span and set up structures to make sure you use it wisely. Defeat distraction by cheating it. Don’t wait to get distracted, make sure you control it before it controls you.

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