Brazilians pay highest cell phone bills in the world

Cellular owners in Brazil pay more for the use of their mobile telephone than any other country in the world. The data comes from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). According to the criterion of Purchasing Power Parity (PCC), which has reference to the price of a basic package offered by the operators - which includes the monthly cost of subscription, 25 calls per month and 30 torpedoes (SMS messages) - the Brazilian spent on average R $ 107.00 per month on a cell phone, equivalent to U.S. $ 44.20. In 2008, the cost of local cellular minutes in peak hours was $ 0.92, while in Germany the figure was $ 0.06.  The Brazilian also pays above the global average for use of their phone to connect to the internet. Operators claim that the principal reason for such high charges are taxes which in some states constitute 40% of the overall bill.