Do-not-do lists are the to-do lists of the future?


Are you one of those organized types who has a wish list of the things that you should be doing or would like to do? How many itens on the list have you already done today or are planning to do today?

How about this? We found this article from Mashable which talks about how for a majority of us the reality is that we keep pushing the items on the ‘wish list’ to one side for things that ‘are more important’.

On the back of this comes the “Do Not Do” list which was inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - a productivity tool which offers a way to consciously identify and limit those tasks that aren’t worth our time. Some simple examples might be limiting your Facebook usage or outsourcing those annoying weekly errands. 

“My ‘Do Not Do’ list contains things that I have determined I will absolutely not do,” he explains. “This folder allows me to dump ideas or tasks that I realize aren’t worth my time — so that I can keep myself focused on the areas the really matter.” 

Creating a ‘Do Not Do list’ would help you to do the things that really matter to you? What are the things that you would add in your ‘do not do’ list? Share them with us if you like.

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