Top 50 Latin American brands

In the recently released ranking of the 50 most valuable brands in Latin America, produced by Interbrand, 15 are Brazilian, including the 3 that head the list - Itaú, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil. The top 25 are reproduced below here...

One interesting point is that a number of top Brazilian brands could appear in the top 100 global brands but would have to have more than 1 / 3 of revenue outside their home country, which does not happen with major companies here in Brazil.

As marinhonoblog asked "in times of globalization, why so few brands risking the Brazilian strategy of internationalization?"

Last week the blog spoke with Alejandro Pinedo, general director of Interbrand in Brazil, in search of answers to that question. "Pinedo emphasized that in Latin America, Mexico has much more international calling than Brazil, as a result of not only boost the trade with its powerful neighbor from above offers, but also economic development that Mexico experienced in the 90s . Pinedo has no doubt in saying that there is a close relationship between economic progress of a country and the international expansion of its brands. If that is true, increase the chances of seeing an invasion of Brazilian brands in global markets, after this cycle of growth that we have lived through in the past 5 years"