Brazil is the 4th largest consumer of cross-words!

The crossword puzzle, one of the most popular games, recently completed its 95th year and we’re overwhelmed to discover that Brazil is the fourth largest consumer market in the world, losing only to the United States, France and Italy. Created in 1913 by American journalist Arthur Wynne, of The New York Word, the crossword was first published in Brazil in 1925, in Rio newspaper edition of The Night. Today, it helps in adult literacy in more than 16 thousand schools in the country, through the Cocktail in Schools, an initiative of the 'Cocktail Magazines' approved by the Ministry of Education.

Research conducted by the publisher Ediouro showed that over 60% of consumers have reached university level education, 74% are between 16 and 45 years, 68% prefer to solve the crossword at home.