Brazilian football fans - the Pay per View League

Brazilians seem to love questionnaires quant studies with football fans almost as much as the game itself. Recently the members of the Club of 13 (major teams) had access to the first survey conducted among viewers of pay-per-view of the Campeonato Brasileiro. The figures, presented by Globosat will be used as a reference for the distribution of quotas of PPV beginning in January 2009. For the first time, clubs will have better tools to reach their fans and increase the revenues of PPV. President of the Club of 13 Fabio Koffi argues that fans know that in buying the packages for transmission, they will be directly helping their teams of heart.According to the contract signed for the triênio 2009-2011, there will be a new round of the poll in June. The parameters will be used for the distribution of quotas between July 2009 and June 2010.

In the survey, the two institutes spoke to 8193 people in 11 capitals of the country. Check out the list of percentage of the 10 clubs most often mentioned by respondents in October only between subscribers of the channel PFC:

1. Flamengo - 13.84% 2. Corinthians - 9.77% 3. Sao Paulo - 9.21% 4. Palmeiras - 8.23% 5. Grêmio - 8.17% 6. Inter - 6.87% 7. Cruzeiro - 6.56% 8. Vasco - 6.46% 9. Atletico-MG - 5.94% 10. Fluminense - 5.55%