The Brazilian Book Industry

Research findings can be treated a bit like vegetables at goes rotten pretty quickly. We're extremelty interested and have posted on the culture of reading in Brazil, so we dont have a problem posting the results of research published by the Brazilian Book Publishers recently - even though it relates to 2007. - Although government purchases registered a decrease of 0.67% from 2006, the government remained the largest buyer of books in the country, with investments of $726.8 million, or approximately 24% of total sales in the sector, the market bought more books in 2007, showing that consumption of books by the general population also grew. Sales for the market totaled U.S. $2286 billion - an increase of 6.41% in the previous year.

- There was a small drop of 2.3% in the number of titles published in 2007. over the previous year with a total of 45,092 titles published against 46,025 in 2006. A noticable increase came in the religious books sector, where 27.98% more titles were published in 2007 than in 2006.

- In 2007, Portugues language editions were well above that of translated books. Of the 45,092 titles published last year, 39,506 were from Brazilian authors, 5586 amongst foreigners. Regarding the number of titles, there was a drop in both local authors (-1.71%) as of translated books (-4.18%) in comparison 2007-2006.