Sao Paulo Punk Scene

The commercialization of retro teen styles has been increasingly evident in the Brazilian music and fashion scenes much as in most global capitals in the past 5 years. However in the recent weeks this trend for reappropriation seems to have taken on a new form. Stories of fights and beatings by groups of punks have become standard in Monday’s newspapers. This week’s Sao Paulo Folha reports that at least 5 deaths in 2007 have been put down to fights between rival youth groups in the downtown area. Police stated that there racial crime and intolerance unit have a collection of over 3000 photos of gang members from the State capital, of which a majority are punks. Elsewhere it appears that punks have been arrested with eggs in their pockets and fighting over a R$1 discount on a mini pizza. The city has had a rich punk and post punk history. We certainely recommend the SoulJazz compilation 'The Sexual Life of Savages' as a good starting point. Whether this is a classic moral panic in the making or not time will tell, if you want to see some of the bands in action try below: